Winegrid+ introduces the concept of "precision oenology" in a competitive market with a strong export orientation such as of wine, which recognizes the importance of technological advances in improving its processes. Through this R & D project, Watgrid intends to improve the sensory capacities of the sensor units (evaluation of additional parameters such as total sugars, total phenolic index, temperature, pH, total acids) and to integrate into the system a monitoring platform consisting of sensors, Analytical software for real-time data processing, classification and anomaly detection, with inter-operability and big data analysis mechanisms.

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BEACON is a 3-year collaborative R&D project focusing on the design and development of photonic component technology with application to satellite communications. The project develops key integrated photonic and fiber-optic sub-systems that find application in new-generation high-capacity flexible telecom satellite payloads. BEACON brings together leading European companies and research centres to develop:

  • High-speed electro-optic modulator arrays for RF processing
  • Radiation-hardened optical amplifier arrays
  • Miniaturized, multi-beam silicon photonic integrated beam-formers

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The underlying goals of this project consist in establishing intelligent solutions with innovative technology. Watgrid presents the next generation in liquid monitoring systems. The potential public target are the industries connected with effluent treatment, rainwater and process variables monitoring, food related fluids and monitoring of other liquids including fuel, wine and liquefied gas.

The different set of actions to develop in this project are participating in international fairs, establishing on-line presence through digital economics, projecting presence into international markets, and international marketing considering the introduciton ofa new method of organizing commercial practices

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